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Protecting your interests in commercial real estate transactions

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2019 | Real Estate Law

When you bought your house, maybe you were envisioning a long-term home where you would raise a family. Or perhaps you made the purchase as a financial investment. Regardless of your intentions, your house or property is probably one of your biggest assets, if not the biggest. It is essential that you protect that investment when dealing with commercial real estate actions in Illinois, such as taking your house to market.

For example, do you know what to do if a home inspector finds serious defects on your property? A seller might panic when receiving this news and choose to conceal the defects in order to move forward with the sale. However, failing to disclose defects could result in legal action. If your home has defects, you could consult with an expert about your options for addressing the issue.

Even if your home and property are in perfect condition you can still encounter problems. Real estate contracts can be tedious and complicated. If you do not understand the implications of an agreement, you may accidentally agree to unfavorable conditions that end up negatively impacting your own finances. Neither you nor the buyer want to go through this experience, but pulling out could mean that you are breaching the contract. This can also result in unwanted legal action.

The laws surrounding commercial real estate can be confusing. Like many other people in Illinois, you may feel unsure of how to protect yourself during real estate transactions. You do have options, though. Speaking with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can help you feel secure in your decisions when selling your home. You can learn more about your options for doing so right here on our website.