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How can you get credit collectors to stop calling you?

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2020 | Bankruptcy

When you started to fall behind on your bills, you noticed that the number of phone calls you were receiving suddenly picked up in pace. Every day, your phone starting ringing off the hook.

You answered a few times and asked the debt collector to send you letters with the debts you owe and information on how to pay. Despite that, they continue to call multiple times a day.

Did you know that there are no laws requiring you to communicate with debt collectors over the phone? Additionally, you can choose to hang up on them. If you do, they shouldn’t continue to dial your number again repeatedly. If they do, then they could be in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

No one wants to deal with debt collectors who continue to call all day long. So, how can you stop them?

Stop debt collectors from calling with this simple tip

To stop debt collectors from calling, the first thing you can do is to tell the collector that you’d like to communicate by writing. The collector will be required to reach out to you by mail if you request it. You can also send a cease and desist letter, which will let the collector know that you want them to stop communicating with you. You can ask them to forward their communications to your attorney if you’d like.

It’s a smart idea to take one call and let the collectors know that you want to communicate by mail. If they continue to fail to do so, then you may have a case against them for the violation of your rights under the FDCPA.