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Illinois traffic offenses often yield surprisingly stark outcomes

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2019 | Traffic Violations

It’s much ado about nothing, right? Just how serious can the downside be relevant to a traffic citation in Illinois?

Many motorists in Northern Illinois and elsewhere across the state routinely find out in a hurry just how dire the consequences can be following their receipt of a ticket for a driving-related infraction.

And they are surprised. After all, no driver is flawless. Most motorists edge above the speed limit occasionally. Even a flatly superior driver will sometimes forget to use a signal indicator or fail to come to a total halt at a stop sign. Legions of behind-the-wheel motorists are cited daily for what they deem as marginal or petty offenses, hardly expecting that their lives can be materially upended by such an event.

The reality is often surprising, and unpleasantly so. Indeed, and as we note on a relevant page of our website, a traffic ticket “can result in steep fines, increased insurance rates, and even the suspension or revocation of your Illinois driver’s license.”

State motorists often don’t appreciate those potentially steep consequences after being written up by a police officer or state trooper. They simply conclude that a ticket equates to an administrative infraction that, while being an irritant, hardly spells a top-tier concern.

Consider, though, that a ticket adds unwanted points against your license that can spike your insurance premiums. Many drivers cited for traffic violations are slapped with heavy fines, court costs and additional outlays. Their work schedules can be adversely impacted. And, in notably severe cases, their jobs and other aspects of their lives can be imperiled by a loss of driving privileges.

A stark downside is not preordained following the issuance of every traffic ticket. Indeed, proven traffic defense attorneys often find grounds to reasonably contest infractions and argue forcefully on behalf of valued clients.

Being proactive in a traffic violations matter can yield positive results in many instances. An experienced ticket defense legal team can provide further information.