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Is fighting a speeding ticket worth it?

Receiving a traffic ticket might seem like a minor inconvenience, but it can be a much bigger problem, depending on the situation. For some Illinois drivers, it might make sense to fight charges for traffic offenses, especially those that come with hefty fines, such as for speeding or reckless driving. However, drivers should carefully consider both the benefits and drawbacks of fighting traffic tickets.

Many police officers do not fully understand the details of the laws they believe they are enforcing. Because of this, many officers issue tickets for nonexistent problems or even initiate unjustified traffic stops. A ticketed driver may want to carefully examine the law that he or she is accused of violating, as this may reveal that a ticket was not warranted. Better understanding that law can also help demonstrate a driver's assertion in court.

Car crashes and traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are far more common than you might think. While many people are familiar with the signs of a concussion – which is a mild TBI – the wide-ranging nature and scope of these types of injuries are often overlooked.

The CDC describes TBIs as “a major cause of death and disability” in the U.S. In one year alone there were more than 2.5 million ER visits due to a TBI. That same year, the CDC recorded about 288,000 hospitalizations and nearly 57,000 TBI-related deaths. And car crashes are often to blame

Commercial real estate involves negotiations

Finding the right commercial space in an ideal location is an important part of owning a business in Illinois. However, securing that perfect space is often more complicated than it appears. Business owners need to understand how to negotiate a lease when dealing with commercial real estate in order to secure a favorable outcome.

Unlike residential leases, commercial leases usually have much more leeway when it comes to the terms of the agreement. Negotiating over those terms is usually a given, but a business owner may find that the property owner's situation can affect the outcome. For example, if a property owner has a mostly vacant building or business park, he or she could be more willing to make allowances. A property owner that has a recently vacated premium space or who is located in a hot rental market may have more control over where the negotiations lead.

BAC tests: How reliable are the results?

During a traffic stop for suspicion of drunk driving, a police officer may ask you to participate in tests to determine your level of intoxication. The first of these tests typically include roadside or field sobriety tests, which determine whether you are intoxicated. However, police officers commonly use other tests following the field sobriety tests to evaluate whether your blood alcohol content (BAC) level exceeds the legal limit of .08%.

How accurate are these tests? In a DUI traffic stop, you may not even consider your options or question their accuracy. However, various complications can result in inaccurate results that can potentially worsen the penalties you face.

Illinois traffic offenses often yield surprisingly stark outcomes

It’s much ado about nothing, right? Just how serious can the downside be relevant to a traffic citation in Illinois?

Many motorists in Northern Illinois and elsewhere across the state routinely find out in a hurry just how dire the consequences can be following their receipt of a ticket for a driving-related infraction.

Why should you care about the law if you are under 18?

You may not have always had an interest in the law. Many kids might consider legal matters to be unimportant. And if you are not yet a legal adult, you might think you do not have to truly take responsibility for your actions. However, that is not necessarily the case.

5 tips for talking to the police

If you have to talk to the police, you want to know exactly how to proceed. On one hand, you want the conversation to go smoothly without escalating the situation. On the other hand, you know that you have rights, and you do not want the police to walk all over you.

How can you expunge or seal your criminal record in Illinois?

If you have a criminal record, you likely understand the obstacles you might face as a result. Depending on your circumstances, you may have already paid fines and restitution, served time and fulfilled community service requirements. But after meeting the terms of your sentencing, you could still face problems related to getting into college, making housing arrangements and finding employment offers.

Duis And Blood Draws: How To Protect Your Privacy And Withdraw Consent

McHenry County is one of the recent counties that has implemented procedures for obtaining blood from the drivers of motor vehicles who are arrested for DUI when drivers' refuse to provide a breath sample. These procedures include obtaining warrants from judges who are on call around the clock. When a driver arrested for a DUI refuses to submit to a breathalyzer at the police station, an individual officer may try to obtain a warrant requiring the driver to submit to a legal blood draw to determine the driver's BAC.

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