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Using an officer's written note to fight license suspension

Illinois drivers generally do not treat traffic tickets seriously until it is too late. Even if a ticket is for a seemingly minor traffic violation, it can still result in fines and even license suspension. Losing driving privileges, even temporarily, is simply not an option for most people. Fighting a traffic ticket can minimize the risk of these consequences, but doing so can be difficult without the right information.

The fine usually stands out as the most important thing on a traffic ticket, but there is plenty of other valuable information. When issuing a ticket, an officer should write a note detailing the reason he or she decided to ticket the driver, as well as any relevant conditions. Drivers should be sure to request an official copy of the notes, even if they have handwritten copies on their tickets.

Illinois man, woman arrested for drug crimes

Illinois police recently arrested two people during the course of an investigation. The pair are both charged with drug crimes for unlawfully possessing methamphetamine and unlawfully possessing drug paraphernalia. One of the two -- a man -- had one other warrant out for his arrest at the time, and was also taken in for violating his probation.

The situation that police were investigating is not entirely clear, but they were able to secure a court-authorized search warrant for two individuals. The first of these two was a 52-year-old woman. The other was a 35-year-old man. While executing the search warrant, police claim they found drug paraphernalia, methamphetamine and cash. They seized all of these items and arrested both people.

Illinois man charged in fatal drunk driving accident

An Illinois man was recently indicted for his alleged role in a fatal pedestrian accident, although he is not yet in police custody. He is facing a single count for leaving the scene of a fatal accident and eight counts for aggravated drunk driving. His blood-alcohol content -- BAC -- was allegedly above the legal limit at the time of the wreck, which is why he is facing DUI charges.

The wreck happened on June 6, 2019 at approximately 4:05 a.m. A 36-year-old pedestrian was crossing a road when a 30-year-old driver approached the intersection. Police claim that the driver struck the pedestrian but did not stop, even though he was aware of what had just happened. It is not clear when or how they encountered the driver they believe to be responsible, but when police administered a BAC test, they say his registered higher than .08.

Title defects can derail your real estate purchase

There are many different steps when it comes to buying a home or other piece of real estate, and at each step it is possible that something may go wrong. Problems with the title can be particularly upsetting. For example, title defects can make it difficult to establish legal ownership of a property.

The person who legally owns a property holds its title. When purchasing a piece of real estate in Illinois, ownership transfers to the buyer who then holds the title. Unfortunately, a claim to past ownership can present a problem with the title. A past ownership claim usually comes up when a piece of land was owned by a single family for multiple generations. In such cases, the original owner may have been forgotten or someone else could have attempted to take the land by way of adverse possession.

Four common mortgage and real estate scams

One of, and maybe the last thing you want to happen as a consumer or investor, is to get scammed. To get robbed of your money or private information can send your finances down a rabbit hole. Real estate and mortgage scams are also not on the top of the list of worries for those families or individuals looking to invest in their future.

The frightening reality is, these scams happen, and more often than you would think. According to data compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 11,300 people were victimized by real estate or rental fraud that resulted in over $149 million in losses.

False positive drug tests increase with shifting cannabis laws

Scientists say routine drug testing can easily confuse two substances found in cannabis, one that is legal and one that isn't in most states. The mistaken results have potentially disastrous consequences for people who test positive for the presence of THC.

The chairman of the American Society of Crime Lab Directors expressed concern over labs that might be accidentally mistaking the intoxicating ingredient in marijuana for the legal substance called CBD, which is also found in cannabis.

Handling evictions according to residential real estate law

The average landlord in Illinois already has a lot on his or her plate. Because of this, it can be very frustrating to deal with problems from tenants, such as frequently being late on rent. When these types of problems progress, it is sometimes necessary to move forward with eviction. Landlords must be aware of the proper procedure for doing so. Otherwise, they could unintentionally violate residential real estate law.

A landlord cannot evict a tenant just because he or she feels like it. A tenant must be in violation of at least one provision in the lease agreement. Housing unauthorized people or pets, paying rent late or engaging in illegal activity are examples of why a landlord may choose to pursue eviction. Since lease agreements can and often do vary based on the landlord and property, it is possible that a reason for one tenant's eviction might not be appropriate for another's.

Protecting your interests in commercial real estate transactions

When you bought your house, maybe you were envisioning a long-term home where you would raise a family. Or perhaps you made the purchase as a financial investment. Regardless of your intentions, your house or property is probably one of your biggest assets, if not the biggest. It is essential that you protect that investment when dealing with commercial real estate actions in Illinois, such as taking your house to market.

For example, do you know what to do if a home inspector finds serious defects on your property? A seller might panic when receiving this news and choose to conceal the defects in order to move forward with the sale. However, failing to disclose defects could result in legal action. If your home has defects, you could consult with an expert about your options for addressing the issue.

Many Americans are unconcerned about driving while high

Nearly 70% of Americans surveyed don’t believe they will be arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana, according to a study by the AAA Traffic Safety Foundation. The report says 14.8 million drivers responding to the survey said they got behind the wheel within an hour of using marijuana.

Illinois became the 11th state to approve the recreational use of cannabis in June and sales will be legal starting January 1, 2020, for people over the age of 21. Under the law, adults can buy up to 30 grams of pot, edibles totaling less than 500mg of THC and five grams of cannabis concentrates.

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