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Can you avoid jail by participating in McHenry County drug court?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2021 | Drug Offenses

A little dabbling in recreational drugs seems like no big deal, but that is not how McHenry County authorities view such situations. If you are facing drug charges, the state will likely seek prosecution. As you might expect, this puts your freedom and your job in jeopardy. Possessing even small amounts of cocaine or heroin may result in a jail sentence of several years.

What is a drug court?

Many Illinois counties have implemented drug court programs to reduce repeat offenses and promote rehabilitation from substance abuse and addiction. Such courts may also help habitual offenders make better choices after completing the program. The McHenry County drug court might keep you out of jail, but it is an intense program requiring a long-term commitment.

Should you seek enrollment in drug court?

If you have indeed only dabbled in drugs occasionally and your luck finally ran out (leading to arrest), you probably do not qualify for drug court. As mentioned above, these programs are for habitual offenders and those addicted to drugs. For example, those repeatedly arrested for drug possession are ideal candidates for these courts.

For occasional users facing their first arrest, mounting a solid criminal defense rather than considering drug court may be effective. With sound legal guidance, it is possible to explore the available defense options and choose one that can help you avoid a jail term or have your charges reduced.

What if you are a repeat offender?

If you are a habitual user, drug court could be your best option. However, you will need a judge’s approval for program admittance. You will also benefit from having an advocate guide you through this process while also protecting your rights as a defendant and an Illinois resident.