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The Administrative Process Of A DUI Charge

A driving under the influence conviction can jeopardize your driving privileges. It is in your best interest to fight for the reinstatement of your suspended, revoked or restricted driving permit with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Our team of lawyers are prepared to fight for you until the final bell.

Our lawyers never back down in the fight to protect your rights and your future. Our elite team of trial attorneys thoroughly review cases to identify your best resolutions. As skilled litigators and negotiators, we provide strong and effective legal representation. You can call us for detailed advice whenever you have an inquiry or question. Consult us for the advocacy you deserve.

Illinois Administrative Driver’s License Suspension

In Illinois, once a law enforcement officer charges you with a DUI offense, you will receive a notification for the suspension of your license. This type of license suspension is applicable to you if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was .08 or higher, if you had an illegal drug in your system or you refused to submit a chemical test after your arrest.

When you receive your charge, you will have 45 days to take legal action. The administrative process for your driver’s license suspension is not directly associated with the criminal charge. Do not face both legal processes on your own. It will be in your benefit to prepare a solid legal defense and properly proceed through the court to protect your driving privileges. Our attorneys will take on your legal issues and fight aggressively for your protection.

Give Your Worries To Our Aggressive Legal Team

We understand the importance of mobility and how a limitation on that can cause issues in other areas of life. Get back to your normal routine by protecting yourself with an aggressive defense provided by our attorneys. Our legal team of litigators never back down and commit themselves to protecting your best interests.

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