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Orders Of Protection

Alleged victims of domestic violence often obtain orders of protection, which impose strict limitations on the accused. Orders of protection can prohibit a person from entering your home and having contact with the alleged victim. They can even prohibit you from having contact with your own children. Many other restrictions are possible, depending on the circumstances.

Orders of protection are civil law matters that must be handled through an administrative process. Violating an order of protection, however, is a criminal matter. Our attorneys can protect your rights in the administrative and criminal processes, working to limit the impact this matter has on your life and your ability to do as you please.

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If you need help defending against an order of protection in Cook, Elgin, Palatine and Kane counties or anywhere in the Northern Illinois area, our attorneys are here for you. To arrange your free initial consultation, please contact our law offices online or by telephone at 847-780-2688. We have locations in Elgin and Palatine.

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