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I Was Charged With Drugged Driving, But I Was Sober

Drugs can remain in your system for more than a 24-hour period, and some may remain in your system for weeks. A citation for drugged driving will involve a drug test and sobriety testing. Yet, if you were sober at the time of your arrest, you may still be at risk of losing your driving privileges. To prevent a conviction from limiting your freedom, consult one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers.

Our legal team of attorneys use their skill and knowledge to review cases. As experienced trial attorneys, we pick apart the prosecution’s case and identify your best possible resolutions. Our team is hands-on and readily available to you when you need us. Rely on our elite criminal defense team to fight your drugged driving charge.

Illinois Has Some Of The Toughest Laws On Drugged Driving

Drugged driving is a significant problem in Illinois, and law enforcement will conduct drug testing on suspected violators. The court will factor in the results of your test to determine your innocence. If you are cited for driving under the influence of marijuana, a prescription drug that can impair you or any other drug you can face:

  • High fines
  • Jail time
  • License suspension or revocation

The strict laws are in place to reduce risk of fatalities and accidents, and the court will attempt to make an example out of you for a conviction. It is in your best interest to prepare an effective legal defense with one of our 15 elite criminal defense lawyers.

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