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How A Legalized Drug Can Result In An Illegal Offense

A prescription drug charge is serious and can have a lasting impact on your criminal record if convicted. Having a prescription drug with no label can result in arrest. Defend your rights and protect your future with one of our seasoned litigators.

Our elite criminal defense team provides strong and effective representation. We incorporate a hands-on team approach to building a criminal defense. Our attorneys often identify flaws in the prosecution’s case that would have gone unnoticed. We also apply that same attention to serving each of our clients whenever they need us. Consult us for your prescription drug crime allegation.

Prescription Drug Charges Are Serious As Street Drug Charges

Controlled substances fall under five schedules that factor into the determination of penalties for a conviction, and a prescription drug charge is almost always a felony in Illinois. Even the unauthorized possession of a prescription drug could have you paying up to $100,000 in fines for a first offense and $200,000 for a second offense. Imprisonment for a conviction can be from one to 30 years depending on the type, amount and intent.

Whether your charge is driving under the influence or you are a health care professional under suspicion of distributing excessive amounts of pills, you will benefit from having a lawyer. Discuss the details of your situation with one of our skilled criminal defense attorneys today. We will identify your best possible outcomes and provide you with action steps to fighting for your freedom.

Convenient And Accessible Aggressive Legal Counsel

Our attorneys offer elite criminal defense counsel whenever you need it. We use our resources and knowledge to provide you with detailed advice.

Our trial lawyers have strong relationships within the system, and we know how to pick apart the prosecution’s case and determine your best resolutions. Consult us for the fight you want on your behalf.

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