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Resolving Complex Real Estate Matters

If you are like most home or property owners, it is possible that the real estate you own is your largest asset. As a result, it is crucial that you take the necessary steps to protect this investment whether you are in the market to buy, sell or lease a home. The decisions you make before you close your real estate deal can have lasting repercussions.

We handle real estate matters for families and individuals throughout Northern Illinois, with a specific focus on purchases and sales for real estate closings. Additionally, our team works with many different realtors, title companies and other real estate industry professionals. We are familiar with all aspects of real estate transactions, so you can rest assured that we will help you meet required deadlines and submit all necessary paperwork to the appropriate parties. We are also qualified to advocate for landlords in eviction proceedings.

Proving Attentive Service Throughout All Stages Of The Transaction

We will protect your interests throughout this intricate process from negotiations to real estate closings. We understand the ins and outs of real estate contracts, so we readily recognize unfavorable conditions within these agreements that may have a negative impact on your finances.

Fully equipped to assist you, we are here in the event problems arise and prevent you from finalizing your transaction, such as:

  • Breach of contract by the seller or buyer
  • Failure to disclose defects
  • Title liens or title defects

Should your home inspection reveal serious defects on the property, we use the law to secure fair remedies. We also represent sellers in breach of contract matters that arise when buyers attempt to walk away from a deal.

Assisting Landlords With Residential

Our real estate lawyer also advises landlords on the eviction process, assisting them on matters that include:

  • Filing and submitting necessary paperwork
  • Representing landlords in hearings and trial
  • Securing and presenting compelling evidence in court

We are licensed to represent landlords in courthouses throughout Cook, Kane and Northern Illinois counties. We have successfully defended our clients in landlord-tenant disputes and are committed to resolving these conflicts swiftly to minimize the impact this legal action has on your source of income.

Helping You With Issues Connected To Quitclaim Deeds

There may be situations where you need to make a revision to the owners listed on property. This may be the removal of a person due to a divorce, or the addition of a spouse to a home after a marriage. It basically is used to transfer a title in cases where ownership is not in question.

You might be tempted to try to do this without the assistance of an experienced attorney, but you need to be aware of the very serious consequences that may result if things are done incorrectly. You could potentially find yourself facing significant legal challenges regarding the ownership of your property. Our experienced legal team can help you get the details right the first time.

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Protecting Your
Real Estate Investment

Whether you are looking to purchase a home or put your house on the market, you need to be sure that you understand what you must do throughout the process to protect yourself if anything goes wrong. Our experienced real estate attorneys offer valued guidance on a variety of real estate matters, including:

  • Assisting with the purchase or sale of residential real estate
  • Working with landlords throughout the region needing help
  • Obtaining quitclaim deeds for the transfer of property

Our attorneys take a hands-on approach to each and every case we receive. By maintaining close lines of communication with our clients, we are able to provide prompt and clear answers to all of their legal questions in a timely fashion. Our attentive service is just one of the reasons clients often recommend Cohen, Donahue & Morales to their friends and family.