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Representation For Buyers And Sellers

The purchase and sale process for residential real estate transactions is complicated. There are many obstacles and challenges that you may have ahead, but with our attorneys, the process can be much more straightforward.

At Cohen, Donahue & Morales, we have extensive experience with real estate matters. We work with buyers and sellers in simplifying real estate transactions. We have relationships with skilled professionals throughout Illinois, including brokers, agents and inspectors. Our goal is to help you through the real estate sale process.

Our Real Estate Transaction Services

We provide each client with skilled, experienced legal attention. We speak with our clients personally and learn about their transactions’ needs. We routinely help both buyers and sellers with assistance in:

  • Drafting sales agreements
  • Closings
  • Leasing agreements
  • Drafting approval letters
  • Conducting title search

Our comprehensive attention to detail allows us to quickly review all the matters associated with the residential real estate process.

Our top priority is assisting you in completing whatever kind of transaction you wish, whether that is the sale of your home or purchase. We have insight into the entire process and can lead you to the answers you need.

Straightforward, Efficient, Cost-Effective

We prioritize offering you the services you need at an affordable price. A home purchase is often a significant expense, and pursuing it without a competent team behind you can vastly increase your costs.

Reach out to us today at our offices in Elgin, Palatine, by calling 847-780-2688 or using this online form.

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