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Were You Previously Convicted Of A Drunk Driving Citation?

Multiple drunk driving citations can put you at risk of losing your license indefinitely. You do not have to fight for your driving privileges on your own. Our elite attorneys will fight on your behalf inside and outside of the courtroom.

Our hands-on team thoroughly analyzes the details of your case to identify the prosecution’s flaws and inconsistencies that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. We use this knowledge and our experience as trial advocates to provide you with the best possible resolutions for your drunk driving charge. Consult one our lawyers at any time for effective legal counsel.

The Effects Of Repeated Drunk Driving Convictions

When you have more than one DUI conviction, you increase the possibility of losing your driving privileges for longer periods of time. You face the revocation, suspension or cancellation of your driving privileges for life, depending on various factors. In addition, there are mandatory minimum jail sentences or community service sentences for more than one conviction.

There are also fines associated with being a repeat drunk driving offender that include:

  • General fines
  • Restitution
  • Drug and alcohol programming
  • Insurance rates
  • Fees associated with the reinstatement process

Protect your freedoms with an aggressive defense prepared by one of our elite criminal defense lawyers.

Our Commitment To You

We provide you with aggressive legal representation in the fight for your rights. You will receive detailed advice from experienced trial litigators who never back down. Our team is hands-on and readily available to answer your questions and inquires at any time.

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