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Were You Cited For Driving With A Suspended License?

A traffic violation can limit or prevent your mobility. We understand that you must get to and from work and other places, and we want to help you remove the restrictions on your driving privileges. If you face a citation for driving with a suspended or revoked license, consult our elite criminal defense team.

Our attorneys provide strong and effective legal representation throughout Northern Illinois. We commit ourselves to protecting your best interest by fighting to build the best possible defense for your situation. Our team of is easily accessible and offers counsel on your time.

There Are Various Ways You Can Lose Your License

Driving with a suspended license is one way you could lose your driving privileges indefinitely. In Illinois, your license can also be suspended, canceled or revoked for multiple reasons that include:

  • Parking suspensions
  • Failure to appear
  • Automated traffic violations suspension
  • Driving under the influence

According to Family Financial Responsibility Law, you can also lose your license for failure to pay court-ordered child support, under deadbeats don’t drive. There are other ways that you can lose your license and to avoid that, you will want skilled legal guidance from a lawyer.

Find out the ways in which you can avoid losing your license with one of our knowledgeable defense attorneys.

Ways To Resolve Your License Suspension

For the reinstatement of a suspended license, it is in your best interest to adhere to a few guidelines. After a conviction that results in license suspension, a driver will typically have to pay a reinstatement fee and follow their court-ordered requirements. After a DUI conviction, it is beneficial to:

  • Avoid additional violatitrons or citations
  • Complete a drug/alcohol program
  • Pass the written, driving and vision exams
  • And additional steps

If your license suspension or revocation involved a DUI, it is in your best interest to explore your options with one of our skilled criminal defense attorneys.

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