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How Breach Of Contract Can Hurt Homeowners

Closing on a home is an amazing feeling, but every homeowner quickly becomes aware of their new house’s “quirks.” Minor issues, necessary updates, inconvenient outlets, these are all normal. Occasionally, taking possession of a home unearths difficulties that may be a breach of real estate contract, and that’s when you need to contact a skilled attorney.

At Cohen, Donahue & Morales, we understand how important your home is to you. We represent home buyers and sellers in breach of contract matters. These issues are not just about purchase and sale agreements but also construction contracts, leasing, and land use issues. We are experienced and compassionate attorneys who can represent you in any real estate dispute.

Causes Of A Breach Of Real Estate Contract

While it does cover a unique asset, a real estate contract is still, at its core, a contract. It has the same legal basis, is subject to standard contract law, and has the same conditions for breaches. Breaches of any contract can include:

  • Failure to meet terms
  • Material errors in the contract
  • Bad faith

The remedies tend to be more restitution-based because of the unique nature of real estate sales and rentals. A breach of contract when it comes to your home can be extremely costly. Our attorneys make a point of providing skilled and cost-effective services to pursue your case.

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Our team is here to fight for the results you need in your breach of contract dispute. Whether you are pursuing someone or have been targeted in such litigation, we will listen to your side and protect your interests.

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