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Evictions Are Hard Work

If you own a residential rental property, one of the more challenging prospects on your plate is the possibility or necessity of evicting a tenant. Illinois law on residential evictions is clear, but many people make costly mistakes without guidance. You want the attention of attorneys with experience in these matters and a commitment to confidentiality.

At Cohen Donahue & Morales, we have extensive experience representing landlords in various matters. We understand that evictions and landlord-tenant law are complicated and fraught, and we put our time and effort into thoroughly representing your interests.

Understanding Illinois Eviction Law

To evict a tenant in Illinois, you must follow the steps as laid down by the state government. First, you must have a cause to end the tenancy, which can be:

  • Violation of lease agreement
  • Criminal activity
  • Refusal to pay rent

Once you have a cause to remove a tenant, you must provide them with the appropriate notice of the end of their lease. Depending on the eviction, you may have to use a different note.

Serving a notice to the tenant is not the final step. You will have to go to court and make a case to evict them. Even then, there is a chance you may not be successful, but as long as you are working according to Illinois law, you have a strong chance.

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With our attorneys on your side, we can build a case that reflects the facts of the matter at hand and supports your case for an eviction. We offer reasonable rates and have several staff who can speak Spanish if necessary.

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