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New reckless driving and traffic laws in Illinois

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2020 | Traffic Violations

State laws are not fixed, and Illinois lawmakers regularly implement new laws or update old ones when they think doing so is necessary. Recent updates involve a number of traffic violations, including reckless driving and speeding while in a construction zone. Most of these updates involve increased fines, although lawmakers also clarified how an existing traffic law can be applied.

In addition to reckless driving and construction zone speeding, drivers can also be cited and fined if they pass a stopped school bus or hit a worker in a construction zone. Police could pull over and ticket drivers for these offenses prior to the updates, but the new fines will be much higher. The Illinois Rule of the Road handbook will also include a greater emphasis on zipper merging, which means that it will show up during driver’s license testing.

Bill 86 was also passed as an update to the state’s distracted driving law. This clarifies the rules for video streaming technology when behind the wheel. The rules prior to the update were not totally clear on whether a driver could use a video streaming device and in what manner. The law now clearly states that drivers may not watch videos on these devices. Drivers who are cited for doing so will be fined at least $75.

Illinois drivers do not always realize just how serious traffic tickets can be. Whether for reckless driving or watching videos instead of the road, a ticket can potentially limit a person’s future driving privileges and even affect insurance premiums. Depending on the offense, fees can be pretty steep too. Some people choose to fight traffic tickets to minimize these and other related negative consequences.