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Illinois woman facing criminal charges for embezzlement

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Criminal charges involving white collar crimes are often viewed as less serious than allegations for things like burglary or drug possession. However, the reality is that all criminal charges can have serious and life-long consequences for people in Illinois. This means that someone who is charged with embezzlement should be sure to treat their criminal law situation just as seriously as any other.

One woman is facing charges for allegedly embezzling funds from her former employer, Planned Parenthood of Illinois. This accusation stems from a financial reconciliation in April 2017. It does not appear as if there was any suspicion prior to this as the financial reconciliation was described as a routine process for the organization.

Although the approximately $100,000 discrepancy was discovered several years ago, she was not arrested until Jan. 6, 2020. She is facing multiple criminal charges, including one for theft of more than $100,000. The state attorney’s office did not clarify how they believe those funds were moved out of Planned Parenthood’s general operating funds or what they might have been used for.

Embezzlement is a pretty serious accusation, especially when it involves large sums. Defendants could face jail time and fines. Illinois judges can even order people to pay back the embezzled funds when they do not have the ability to do so. Like with any other criminal charge, it is a good idea to begin looking into defense options as early as possible. For some defendants, this involves fighting charges to the fullest extent of criminal court proceedings, while others find that negotiating plea deals for lesser charges is the best option.