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Can you have a DUI expunged in Illinois?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | Criminal Defense, Drunk Driving, DUI, DUI Defense

Getting a DUI can severely affect your life now and later, especially in Illinois. The state of Illinois takes DUIs exceptionally seriously, making expungements difficult, if not impossible.

Unfortunately, a DUI on your record will not only stain your past history, but also, it will make your life more complicated. With that in mind, there are only two ways to get a DUI charge expunged in Illinois:

  1. If the court finds the driver not guilty
  2. If the court dismisses the case

Sometimes, attorneys can achieve one or both of the above. However, if neither is the case, the charge will remain permanently on the individual’s record. A DUI charge on your record can have severe consequences on your life, including employment and finances, which are both grave and essential.

Governor’s pardon

If the court finds the driver is guilty and does not dismiss the case, your only other option is to request a pardon from the sitting governor of the state of Illinois.

It is an option, albeit a complicated one and receiving a pardon is extremely rare. However, an individual does have the right to pursue a pardon from the governor if they so desire, and an experienced attorney can help with that process.

To request a pardon from the governor, you must file a petition, or your attorney will file it on your behalf. The governor’s office may or may not take your case and set a date for a hearing.

Remember that trying to expunge a DUI is also very expensive. Aside from monetary fees and penalties, it comes at a tremendous personal cost. Consult an experienced legal professional in complicated matters such as DUI expungements and governor’s pardons.