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The benefits of having your criminal record expunged

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2024 | Expungements

There are numerous types of criminal convictions. Despite the variety of offenses, anyone with a criminal record can be stereotyped in a similar way.

The majority of people would agree that everyone deserves a second chance — especially those who made a mistake in their youth or who have a conviction for a relatively minor offense. Having your criminal record expunged can provide you with that second chance.

What are some more benefits of having your record expunged? Let’s look at two key ones.

Access to employment

Many companies carry out background checks on prospective employees. While this should not stop you applying for jobs, it can stop you from being offered the job. Not all employers will be willing to listen to your side of the story or sympathize with your circumstances.

Having your record expunged can help with this. With an expungement, your conviction will no longer show up on an employer background check.

Housing opportunities

Like employers, landlords also tend to carry out background checks. Because of the stigma of convictions, you may find that landlords could be reluctant to trust you with their property. Again, by having your record expunged, you can avoid this hurdle and gain better access to housing opportunities.

As well as the practical implications, having your record expunged can also be good for your physical and mental health. You’ll no longer feel weighed down by the burden of being stigmatized.

The expungement process is complex, and only some convictions are eligible to be expunged. That’s why it’s so important to have as much legal information as possible before moving forward.